August 4th, 2006
This is IT goes Green aka green pc, the newborn self-information blog on sustainable informatic developement.
We thought it was maybe the time to face such a pressing and complex theme. Some gave up, many still renounce. Many other are not acknowledged at all. Still we think that it’s something so relevant, that it would be wise to take care of.
This blog’s aim is to gather as many informations as possible, in order to design an actually sustainable pc. And to figure out how informatic industry could be part of a sustainable developement. It is not an easy mission, neither it is impossible.
We wish that green pc could be the the base of a wide research and a 360° discussion; we hope it will be participative, interdisciplinary, open and shrewd. And we hope it will be stimulating enough to involve you actively.
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Stefano Cieri

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