Design with Intent: Smart meter design consultation. Chance to get involved; June 18th, 2009

Design with Intent: Smart meters. Some thoughts from a design point of view; June 18th, 2009

Dan Lockton’s research is about design intended to influence users’ behaviour; he called it “Design with Intent”. The whole theme is interesting in terms of sustainable design, both for what concerns inducted responsibile behaviours and the transmission of knowledge itself; sure it will be deepened in further posts.
Here, a couple of specific articles are presented as an example of approch to Design with Intent.

A few months ago (May 12th, 2009) the UK government released its plans to mandate the replacement of all domestic electricity meters in the UK with smart meters. A post by Jamie Young, from design & behaviour, presented them as an opportunity for designers to make an effective contribution to the problem of climate change, stating that “the question of how to engage people is absolutely a design question”.
Dan Lockton answered on his website with two articles (see links below), underlining the most design-related questions in DECC’s smart meter consultation. According to the author “if, as independent designers – interaction designers, information designers, product designers, service designers – we can have some input to the consultation, we should make use of this opportunity. They don’t come along too often”.


see also:…/smart_metering.aspx

design & behaviour: Calling Interaction Designers; May 12th, 2009

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