Open IO is a free public resource for estimating the sustainability of products and services. The data available on the website have been developed for everyone to use for any purpose and at no cost.
The team from Open IO welcomes others to join their community: “Collaboration with companies and researchers in new data development efforts are our cup of tea and we would also love to hear your feedback. Our model is built for continual improvement and we will keep working hard to enhance our resources that aim to provide the public with the best available free, open and transparent sustainability related information possible”.
Also, data are (almost) ready to be imported into openLCA (and SimaPro, which on his turn is neither free, nor open source) to be used as a Life Cycle Library.


see also:

openLCA: OpenIO_Import.pdf

ITgG: openLCA; July 15th, 2007

ITgG: openLCA Beta 1.0; September 26th, 2008

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